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“Any fool can write a code a computer understands. Good programmers write code that a human understands.” Martin Fowler

You might have a physical store which craves a web presence, you might be an educational institute which dares to step into the vast ocean of e-learning, you might be a content establishment wishing to entertain more and more people every single day, you may be a service which is ready to expand to the digital space. No matter what your business, if you want to be a part of the world wide web, you’ll need a website. An average person today spends 6 hours and 42 minutes on the internet (that is our phone and desktop usage put together). Do you realize how much that is? That equates to 100 days in a year – spent purely online!

Businesses have realized the potential of the digital industry and capitalized on that. And so must you. Like your competitors and so many ventures like you, you must embark on a digital sojourn, the first step of which is essentially your website. However, building a website is not a trick of the wand. You’ll need to have an aesthetically apt design in place, followed by error free coding. Once your website is up and running, your business is bound to scale exponentially.


  • You give 24×7 accessibility to your clients Having a physical store ensures that you get to interact with your customers throughout the day. Having a website ensures that you stay in touch with them even during the odd hours. Now here’s the thing – people are so caught up in their daily routines that it might not be possible for them to visit your store/office. Instead of missing out on these people, its ideal that you have a website, fill it up with some company information and a Contact-Us form and voila, you’ve opened doors for some additional customers and in turn some extra business. Happy profiting!
  • You make it convenient for your customers The best thing you can offer your customer today is convenience. When you set up a website, you cut down their efforts to minimal. Let’s face it – the modern day customer seeks all things easy. What will be easier for them – to visit your store/office and ask about the product or service you offer or to sit back on their sofa and visit your website. The answer is quite evident. The easier you make things for your customers, the more they will feel safe on falling back to you. So, whether you are a service provider or a product seller, have it all on your website to earn business which you were otherwise missing out.
  • You open doors to a global audience With a website, you can reach a global audience of 1.92 billion shoppers and service seekers. Your physical store could never have achieved such a gargantuan audience. With a wide market now open, you can target customers from different geographies and also understand them better through various analytical tools available. This leads to better marketing and advertising on your part and ultimately scales your business to new heights. Who thought a website could come with perks like these!
  • You build credibility Think of it this way – your website is the face of your company for people living in the remotest corners of the world, people who will base their first and only impression of your company on what they see here. The better your website is, the more you will build credibility and trust. If your website is well updated, your customer is getting the impression that you are professional and serious about your work commitments. On the contrary, a relatively static website translates to non seriousness about client relationships.
  • You communicate effectively Be it a visitor or a lead, national or foreigner, every individual customer is looking for something different. Your website has the potential to communicate with people from all across the sales funnel and all across geographies. The point is – are you making the most of it?


  • We save your precious time As a business owner, your time is precious. You could spend months looking for the right human resources to set up your website and constantly chase them to improvise or you can rely on Cyber Expert’s experienced team of developers, web designers, SEO experts and content creators. The former translates to a lot of hassles, the latter to convenience. Choose wisely!
  • We integrate all the web development services you need You imagine, we develop. You envision, we provide. Our team develops the website you always dreamt of. And then it goes beyond to make it stand out and prosper. Whether you are looking for a user friendly design or error free coding, impeccable content or expert level SEO, we are your go-to place!
  • We are result oriented You define the goals, we help you achieve them. From increasing website traffic to reducing the bounce rate, from conversions to effective SEO, we believe in delivering what you imagined!
  • Free consultations First time consultations with us are free of cost (without any terms and conditions). Our team understands your business and vision and helps you embark your digital sojourn as easily as is possible.
  • One on one sessions We might be big enough to cater to a project of any scale, but we don’t forget to connect personally with the people who make it possible – YOU. At Cyber Expert, you will get your e-commerce store the way you want it.


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