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“Develop a mobile minded team. Mobile will ultimately be the way you provision most of your services. The way I like to put it is, the answer should always be mobile first. You should always dedicate your best effort and team to build your mobile app.”
Eric Schmidt
Google Chief Executive

Mobile commerce is NOT the future. It is the NOW. The past 4 years have witnessed an increase of 300% in mobile commerce usage. In fact, 49% of website traffic comes from mobile devices which amounts to 5.1 billion unique users. Out of these, 49% of consumers use mobile phones for shopping, banking, comparing prices, making payments, and using other e-services. This leads us to believe that any business in the world today could prosper much if they reach out to their customers through mobile applications. With the increasing usage of smartphones, this fact is undoubted. Mobile commerce has been changing the way people shop by adding speed and simplicity to the entire buying cycle.

This is the prime reason businesses need to tap into its technologies. If you as a business refrain from tapping its potential, then chances are you will lag behind because there is nothing dearer to your customer than convenience. And mobile apps ARE synonymous with that word.

The question is how do you get a mobile app which resonates your business? Which team do you hire? Who are the people best fit to build an interface which could flip the fate of your business for good. Before we get to that, we must what benefits your business could reap out of a mobile application.

Top 5 Reasons

Why Your Business Needs a
Mobile App

Enhanced Customer Value

Beyond just products or services, businesses are enhancing customer value through mobile apps. Whether it's exclusive offers or special coupons, apps elevate customer engagement, ensuring you remain their preferred choice.

Strengthen Your Brand

More than just a digital platform, mobile apps are a branding powerhouse. They foster trust, turning casual users into committed brand ambassadors. While websites kickstart branding, it's the apps that truly cement your brand's presence in the market.

Improved Customer Connectivity

Modern customer service transcends traditional interactions. With billions using mobile devices, apps forge meaningful connections with users, offering an interactive experience unparalleled by human interactions.

Boost in Profits

Enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement via mobile apps directly translates into higher sales. Research indicates that a significant portion of buying decisions stems from customer treatment and engagement levels. An app isn't just a platform; it's an avenue for revenue generation.

Powerful Marketing Channel

Mobile apps have emerged as influential marketing tools. Considering the time users spend on their phones, apps serve as direct channels to potential customers, capitalizing on their habits and preferences. Don't miss out on this significant sales opportunity.

Why Choose


The importance of having a mobile application for your business is already laid out. The next big step is to get it done. At Cyber Expert, our experienced team of app developers work consistently to give you an interface which resonates with your website to utmost accuracy. Whether you are looking for a custom, native iOS, Android or Windows app, we’ve got you covered. Prefer a cross-platform responsive web app? Require a secure backend? You name it and we will build it. All you have to do is translate your dream to us!

Time-Saving Solutions
Time-Saving Solutions

Your time is invaluable. Instead of navigating the complexities of hiring and managing a team, rely on Cyber Expert's seasoned developers to execute your m-commerce vision efficiently and excellently.

Goal-Centric Approach
Goal-Centric Approach

Share your aspirations, and we pledge to make them a reality. We prioritize your objectives, ensuring everything from traffic increase to customer experience enhancement aligns with your vision.

Complimentary Consultation
Complimentary Consultation

Engage with us for your first consultation, absolutely free. Our dedicated team takes the time to grasp your business nuances, ensuring a smooth transition into the digital realm.

Personalized Engagement
Personalized Engagement

While our capacity is vast, our approach is personalized. We cherish our one-on-one sessions, guaranteeing that your m-commerce platform reflects your unique vision and brand identity. At Cyber Expert, you're not just another project; you're a valued partner.

Holistic Integration
Holistic Integration

At Cyber Expert, we believe in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your m-commerce aspirations. Our seamless designs are intricately woven with impeccable coding to ensure a user-friendly experience.

The Process

  • Book your first free consultation by sending us your query and contact information.
  • Discuss your business requirements with our team.
  • Sit back and relax!