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Every business has a unique personality and a different set of customers who may think, perceive and act in different ways. When you choose a web page design from the standard templates, you kill this uniqueness. You give up the ability to connect with your customer on a personal level, to touch them. Your web design should reflect the personality of your business. It should boast of your values and USPs as much as your marketing team does. Cyber Expert helps you develop websites which are customer focussed. We capture the demographics, purchase behavior and unique value of your customer to build an experience for them which results in profitability for you. We believe in the power of high level personalization as much as you do. All our customers are encouraged to develop something unique and effective just for them.


  • Customized web page designs lead to 44% repeat purchases.
  • With customized designs 32% customers leave a positive review of your website.
  • 39% of customers refer a custom designed website to family and friends.
  • 65% of marketers deem custom websites as the most effective tactic in their league.
  • In 2017, 95% of business owners in a survey said that they customize their websites.
  • Businesses that personalize web experiences see an average sales increase of 19%.


  • Custom designs are customer centric We go by the popular adage, “Customer is the king (or queen).” Websites are built so that customers can conveniently engage with the brand. That being said, any website which does not customize its design loses the capability to fully tap into the potential of digital business. A custom design at its core begins with understanding the customer and then proceeds to create a layout which will incite him to act.
  • Customers care about Customization A study of online consumer behavior suggests that customers are more likely to revolve around websites they feel CARE about them. Because digital business has grown to have a human touch about it, it is important to create a customized experience for every set of customers so that they feel that your product/service was made exclusively for them. In 2011, HubSpot released a survey where they found that 76% of users said that the most important factor in the design of a website was that “The website makes it easy for me to find what I want.” This translates to your layout. The more customized it is, the more your customer will find it easy to connect with it. Once you master this, you will see significant improvements in your website conversion rates.
  • Templates and themes are so cliche! Even though the templates available today are downright awesome, they don’t take your customer into consideration. As we mentioned earlier, your customers are unique. You need to tap into their mindset to be able to understand what will cause them to hit the CTA of your homepage and how to drive them towards conversions!


  • We achieve high levels of personalization for your website Our web designers have a knack of creating websites which are aimed at enhancing the user experience. With their experience, they create a website which translates to custom layouts which appeals to a particular group of customers – your. With custom websites, you can be assured of a better conversion rate and repeat purchases.
  • We provide integrated solutions to all your business problems Our solutions are beyond web design. We get your website developed, maintained, and upgraded. We manage its graphic designing and even SEO to ensure that your worries are kept at bay.
  • We help you customize your website You dream, we build. Our developers understand your unique business requirements and help you achieve high levels of personalization which enhance your website according to your expectations in terms of user experience, functionalities and design.
  • We offer 24 x 7 support for your website Got a problem ,we are right there! Want to change an element of the site, we are at your service. Our team extends real time management of your website round the clock.
  • We up your SEO game Our SEO experts do not leave a stone unturned to ensure that your page ranks high in Google. They optimize your website in such a way that you get to reap the benefits of organic traffic for years to come.
  • We are the gurus of analytics We are well equipped with the latest analytical tools you need to make the most of your data. We help you make all your important decisions of your business.


  • 24 x 7 real time support available
  • 1000+ projects delivered
  • Certified and experienced WordPress Developers
  • Increased website traffic for clients by 95%
  • Increased conversion rates for clients by 37%
  • Increased leads generated for clients by 60%

What Our Clients Say About us

“I would highly recommend Cyber Expert. The experience they gave my company was amazing. They are a highly professional, innovate and helpful team to work with.”

Varun Kumar, Pashmina.com

“Cyber Expert has been our agony aunt for both SEO and website hosting. They have been professional, dedicated and hard working about their work. The most amazing thing about the team is that they are available round the clock – whenever you need them. They’ve assisted me like it was their own business. Wishing them luck for the future.”

CEO, Kylin Experience

“Our account manager at Cyber Expert suggested that we upgrade your website. Upon implementation, I would highly recommend it to all businesses. To top it all, the team made the upgradation really easy and even provided training for the same.”

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