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Magento 1 is Expiring in 2020

The Countdown has Begun


Ever since Magento announced that it is going to phase out its much loved first version, e-commerce website owners have been anxious about the upgradation process. Back when it was announced in 2014, Magento 2 made a lot of promises which still interest us – performance, scalability, streamline customisations and higher quality code (to name a few).

The migration may be complex and exhilarating, but it is worth the effort. At Cyber Expert, our experienced Magento developers have helped clients upgrade to the new version with ease and success.


  • Magento has officially put a black out to its V1 support In November 2018, Magento officially put an end to the full support it otherwise it offered to its Version 1 e-commerce clients. Anyone using it today will be running in unsecured version (which is not recommended for any credible company because it directly translates to loss of PCI compliance, bugs in Magento with no fix, site slowdown and increased security breaches).
  • The User Experience multiple folds better. It’s not just enhanced, it is out of this world. Magento understands the importance of User experience in SEO and website conversions and this reflects in how they have worked upon it in version 2. Here’s what’s new:
    + A flat design layout which goes easy on the eyes, is less cluttered and of course, much easier to use.
    + Magento 2 is built touch friendly and optimised for tablets and mobile (considering mobile usage has increased by 300% in 2018 itself).
    + Magento 2 happens to be more flexible to create impeccable editorial templates with easy drag and drop reordering features and custom views.
    + To enhance your product catalog, version 2 has configurable cataloging columns for better control of visual and export toggling
  • The product import has been simplified to a great extent CSVs can now be imported with much ease. You no longer have to abide by the binary 0 and 1 inputs. That is some relief to your cataloging team.
  • A much better checkout All e-commerce people will agree to this – if you’ve got problems in your checkout, you are losing out on a major portion of your sales. And if it is confusing or long, you are up for the same problem. Magento 2 has simplified your checkout problems much more than you could have imagined.
    + Assumptive guest checkout
    + Simplified two step checkout
    + Automatic email recognition of ALL users for fast and easy checkout
    + Shipping rates are applicable once the full details of your customer are completed, otherwise not
    + The customer has to fill in the billing address when payment is – they start with shipping details first.
  • Better Magento Module Store It goes without saying that every extentson, integration and enhancement in Magento 2 is vetted by the Magento team. The support is available 24 x 7 and even that is improved.


  • “We selected Magento because it allowed us to launch a minimum viable product (MVP) in record time, while enabling major web design customization. In addition, the community of available extensions is unprecedented. The platform is a start-up’s dream.” – Lisa Butters, General Manager of GoDirect Trade
  • Magento Commerce hosted in the cloud has ensured our website has the agility to respond to a rapidly-changing environment, and can easily scale to meet unexpected demand – crucial in peak trading periods – providing a fast experience regardless of visitor volume. Adam Rossiter, Managing Director, BULKPOWDERS
  • Our new responsive mobile Magento Commerce 2 site has increased our conversions and elevated our brand to new levels. No one else in our industry sees the conversion rate or has the flexibility of content that we do. Anna Mikkelsen, eCommerce Director, catbirdnyc.com


  • We help you achieve high levels of personalization We understand that each business has a unique identity and hence unique requirements. We help you achieve high levels of personalization not only in user experience but also in your website.
  • We manage your website Once it is up and running, we don’t abandon it. Our team extends real time management of your website and constantly upgrades it with new functionalities which best suit your business.
  • We ease the migration process for you We understand how difficult it can be to understand and follow the migration process. Our certified Magento developers ease it for you.
  • We offer SEO services as well Your Magento 2 is already equipped with SEO optimization. Our SEO experts then take a step further and optimize your website even further. with you the way you connect with us.
  • We are the gurus of analytics We are well equipped with the latest analytical tools you need to make the most of your data. We help you make all your important decisions of your business.


  • 24 x 7 support available
  • 1000+ projects delivered
  • Certified Magento Developers
  • Increased website traffic for clients by 95%
  • Increased conversion rates for clients by 37%
  • Increased leads generated for clients by 60%
  • Successfully developed five Magento 2 websites (and counting) on time and within client budget.
  • Both our project and account managers are Magento 2 experts who not just upgrade, but also train new for your new content management system.
  • Our developers are officially Magento 2 certified
  • We are on the move to migrate our current Magento 1 merchants to version 2 before the end of the year.

What Our Clients Say About us

“Cyber Expert has made Magento 2 migration look like a piece of cake. It has guided and assisted us throughout the migration process and delivered well on time. Not only this, they ensured that our website traffic was up by 95% and our conversion rates went soaring too. The team connects with you and gives you amazing solutions for SEO, website development, hosting and whatever you ask of them.”

Varun Kumar, Pashmina.com


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