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Design is where science and art break even Robin Mathew

While a picture is worth a thousand words, graphic design is worth a thousand dollars! Graphic design has advanced to much more than creating some random banners or posters for your digital campaigns. Today, it stands as a proper means of communication with your customer. Let’s analyze. When customers land on your website, what is the first thing that captures their attention?

Is it the content? NO

The design? NO

The menu? NO

It is undoubtedly the graphics. Design, content and structure comes later. The first impression is based on the basis of how amazing or terrible your graphics are. If your graphics are out of this world, it will tell your customer that your business is creative, deep and brimming with innovation. It will also give a more professional look to your business profile. However, if the graphics are average, the customer might not get good vibes and bounce from your website. You see the impact? Graphics can actually make or mar your business.

Businesses across the globe are using graphics in every phase of the sales funnel to inform, delight, and eventually coax the customer to act. Hence, it becomes imperative that you step into the vast expanse of graphic designing to be at par with the world and reap the benefits which everyone has been reaping.


  • First impression is the last impression Your website is the digital face of your company. When you invest in graphic designing, you are essentially enhancing and beautifying that face. You are ensuring that the first impression a customer gets of your business is a positive and long lasting one because this impression will set the wave for a future relationship. The first business graphic a customer comes across may be a sales page on your website, an online ad, your latest social media post, or even your product packaging. Make sure it is amazing enough. Make sure your graphics tell the story of your brand.
  • It summarizes as efficiently as is possible Graphic designing not just adds to your business persona, it also summarizes the information you relay efficiently. Think of it this way – you could have an entire text based page of your business process or you could have a small infographic which relays it all. Studies reveal that people find it 3x easier to go through infographics rather than read long texts. So where should you be spending your time, energy and of course money? This is just one example. There are so many others. Graphic design is important for any business looking to share information with ease. It summarizes information which would have been very hard for people to skim through. Besides, relevant graphics can deepen our understanding and recollection of information owing to the powerful impact visuals have on our mind.
  • You kill competition When you start getting creative, you slay the competition. It is as simple as that. With all the online designing tools available today, it has never been easier to create quality graphics. This low barrier to entry in the content creation world is a good thing for those looking to build a brand; it does however, come with the lofty price of new competition. The only thing which kills this competition is creativity. If you haven’t focussed your creative genius in this direction, begin today.
  • Graphic design tells your story It communicates what your brand truly stands for! It speaks about your vision, core values and goals. It speaks about your professionalism and how you connect with your people. It is non verbal way of establishing your identity. That is why you must work towards it.


If you have a digital presence, graphic designing must flow in your business like blood. At Cyber Expert, we not just build your graphics, but take your business to another dimension of creativity. We personalize every bit of your graphic to match your expectations (and unlike the industry norm, we deliver on time). We make you stand apart from the crowd. We help you beat the competition. We help customers connect with you on a level which is far deeper than what you could have imagined.

  • We save your precious time As a business owner, your time is precious. You could spend months looking for freelancers who could help you build some graphics and charge heaps of gold in return or you can rely on Cyber Expert’s experienced team of graphic experts and content creators. The former translates to a lot of hassles, the latter to convenience. The former doesn’t guarantee you any service after the graphic has been created. The latter promises its service till you are satisfied. Which one would you choose?
  • We integrate all the services you need Our services are not confined to graphic designing. We start from scratch – from building your website to marketing it, from designing it to optimize it and further to enrich user experience, we have it all under our roof. We are your go-to place for any step of going digital.
  • We are result oriented You define the goals, we help you achieve them. From increasing the click through rate to enhancing the customer experience, from timely delivery to effective SEO, we believe in delivering what you dreamt!
  • Free consultations First time consultations with us are free of cost (without any terms and conditions). Our team understands your business and vision and helps you embark your digital sojourn as easily as is possible.
  • One on one sessions We might be big enough to cater to a project of any scale, but we don’t forget to connect personally with the people who make it possible – YOU. At Cyber Expert, you will get your e-commerce store the way you want it.


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