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“Develop a mobile minded team. Mobile will ultimately be the way you provision most of your services. The way I like to put it is, the answer should always be mobile first. You should always dedicate your best effort and team to build your mobile app.” (Eric Schmidt, Google Chief Executive)

Mobile commerce is NOT the future. It is the NOW. The past 4 years have witnessed an increase of 300% in mobile commerce usage. In fact, 49% of website traffic comes from mobile devices which amounts to 5.1 billion unique users. Out of these, 49% of consumers use mobile phones for shopping, banking, comparing prices, making payments, and using other e-services. This leads us to believe that any business in the world today could prosper much if they reach out to their customers through mobile applications. With the increasing usage of smartphones, this fact is undoubted. Mobile commerce has been changing the way people shop by adding speed and simplicity to the entire buying cycle.

This is the prime reason businesses need to tap into its technologies. If you as a business refrain from tapping its potential, then chances are you will lag behind because there is nothing dearer to your customer than convenience. And mobile apps ARE synonymous with that word.

The question is how do you get a mobile app which resonates your business? Which team do you hire? Who are the people best fit to build an interface which could flip the fate of your business for good. Before we get to that, we must what benefits your business could reap out of a mobile application.


  • You provide more value to the customer Business is all about reciprocation. You create a product or service that your customer needs and they reciprocate by purchasing it. Right? Wrong! There is a lot more that has been added to this cycle of reciprocation – and that is value. Businesses tend to give more VALUE to their customers through their mobile apps. It could be an exclusive coupon or an offer. The result is enhanced customer engagement. In an era where the concept of customer engagement holds much significance, you could be missing out on a lot of business if you do not have a mobile app!
  • You build a stronger brand The biggest thing a mobile app does for your business is branding. It offers communication and awareness to the customer. This communication develops trust. Needless to say, when customers trust you, they are more likely to follow your campaigns, take your offers and opt for your product or service. They COMMIT to your brand. Websites can build brands, but apps do the real trick. They are the present and the future of effective branding.
  • You connect better with customers Customer service is no longer confined to smiling associates and face to face communication. With 2.2 billion people empowered with mobile devices, apps have proven to be the real game changers in establishing meaningful relationships with the customers. An app with a good and interesting interface hooks up your customer like no human being possibly could, which is why every business today is advancing towards mobile app development and rightly so.
  • Your profit is increased Mobile apps boost customer engagement as well as satisfaction. When both of these couple with proper branding, your sales hit an all time high. Research suggests that 70% of purchases are made based on how buyers feel they are treated and how much they feel engaged with the brand. Your app is more than a business interface. It is a means of communication with your customer. It makes all the sense to invest in it.
  • You get an effective marketing medium 35.4% of the Black Friday Sales in 2018 were completed using mobile apps as a result of mobile marketing. Understand your customers They are glued to their phones for 6 hours a day on an average. Aren’t you missing out on major sales if you don’t use a mobile app as your next marketing channel?


The importance of having a mobile application for your business is already laid out. The next big step is to get it done. At Cyber Expert, our experienced team of app developers work consistently to give you an interface which resonates with your website to utmost accuracy. Whether you are looking for a custom, native iOS, Android or Windows app, we’ve got you covered. Prefer a cross-platform responsive web app? Require a secure backend? You name it and we will build it. All you have to do is translate your dream to us!

  • We save your precious time As a business owner, your time is precious. You could spend months looking for the right human resources to set up your m-commerce store or you can rely on Cyber Expert’s experienced team of developers, to do it for you with excellency. The former translates to a lot of hassles, the latter to convenience. Weigh your options wisely!
  • We integrate all the services you need Whether you are looking for a user friendly design or error free coding, impeccable content or expert level SEO, we are your go-to place!
  • We are result oriented You define the goals, we help you achieve them. From increasing traffic to improving conversions and further to provide a seamless customer service, Cwe believe in delivering what you imagined!
  • Free consultations First time consultations with us are free of cost (without any terms and conditions). Our team understands your business and vision and helps you embark your digital sojourn as easily as is possible.
  • One on one sessions We might be big enough to cater to a project of any scale, but we don’t forget to connect personally with the people who make it possible – YOU. At Cyber Expert, you will get your e-commerce store the way you want it.


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